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Benefits of working with WLH!

Recently a man called back months after we priced logs for his home. He decided to go with a “package special” that backfired. He bought the “special” only to realize 2 x 8 rafters were standard materials but he needed 2 x 12’s to meet R38 insulation codes where he lived. He brought this to the package sellers attention and were provided the correct 2 x 12’s at an up charge! He also realized the windows that came with the “special” were subpar! Yes,  another up charge. There were many other issues he experienced.

I asked the gentleman how I can help him since he made the choice not to purchase logs here and buy all the other materials locally – as I suggest to everyone.  He said:  “You never bad mouthed any specific log company and you did advise us to think about the products to buy ourselves. I thought the “package special” was a great deal. A great deal of added expense and headaches. Now I want to buy logs for a garage and my mother wants to build a log home and I’m back to do it the right way.”

You can do everything a kit seller does for thousands less.
Let us show you how.

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