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Log Corner Options

Many folks ask which corner is best. They all are – it’s a matter of choice. We offer 4 types of corners that ALL make a strong, well connected and built home.

The Dovetail Corner is appealing on 6 x 12 logs yet we offer them on “D” logs.
The Saddle Notch corner has a nice visual appeal and can be cut on any of our log profiles.
The Notched Butt & Pass Corner interlocks with alternating log ends at the corner.
And the Butt & Pass Corner is a free, simple yet stong corner and has been used for decades making sound, solid homes.

The choice of corner style is really up to you. We provide all the major corner styles to satisfy everyone. It’s a matter of style, budget and how you want your home to look.

Please visit: https://www.wholesaleloghomes.com/logs-for-log-homes/corner-styles/ to view corners.

Let us offer you a free log quote from your plans with any log and any corner style.

We’re here to help you with top quality log home products and service.

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