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Log Home Packages – Don’t Pay Retail

This short video makes one very important point that most log home buyers miss.  The typical scenario is that we plan everything; we research floor plans, talk to manufacturers and builders and go through all the steps that convert a parcel of land into a new log home. We think we covered all the bases, but most people fail to realize that they are buying their logs at retail (i.e. log home kits or log home packages) and usually with a steep markup.

Log Home Packages?

Some companies actually promote the “One Stop Shopping” method where they supply everything from the ground up; windows, doors, roofing and of course the logs and timbers. Such promotions are supposed to be time savers and keep you from shopping around and wasting your time.  Hey, it sounds logical and appeals to many people, but if you want to save thousands of dollars on your log home, don’t pay retail – and do shop around!

The doors, windows and roofing material included in such log home packages can all be purchased locally and delivered when you need them.  Why pay shipping on products you can buy locally?  Additionally, those same products most likely carry an additional mark-up from the log home company promoting the “package deal”…they’re not doing it to lose money.

The same logic holds true for your logs.  If you buy your logs wholesale you can get them shipped to your build site when you need them and save a fortune in the process. In essence, you buy your building products locally and your logs at wholesale.

Let us prove it to you. Send us your plans and we will prepare a free price quote for all your logs, timbers, log siding and any other accessories. Next, get a quote on your roofing materials, windows, doors, etc. from your local supplier.  Compare those prices to any “log home package” price and – make sure you’re sitting down.

Call Wholesale Log Homes and let’s talk about how we can save you money.


  • george kosmidis

    do you ship overseas to greece or romania?thanks

    March 10, 2013 at 10:29 am
  • Anthony


    These cabins ,log homes look awsome.
    Do you ship to Australia (Downunder ?

    May 31, 2013 at 8:17 pm

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