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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of the calls and emails we receive pertain to issues that any first time buyer might have concerns about. Why buy form us, what is included, how is it shipped and other frequently asked questions are addressed below.

1. Why buy from an experienced Log Home company?

Ron Wolfe has been in the Log Home industry for 40 years. Ron Wolfe has been building with logs since 1972.

Wholesale Log Homes prides itself in educating consumers by respectfully and logically explaining the process of purchasing top quality building materials to build a log home. We don’t believe that the luster and allure of a decorated model home warrants the kind of markup you will pay when you can easily locate the same or better materials that are found in a kit/package. Eliminate inflated “kit” pricing. Buy it yourself and $ave. There is nothing you can not do that a kit seller does!

The service from Ron is prompt and personal. Call with any questions regarding the materials or construction.

2. Why should I buy the log products separately instead of purchasing a log home KIT?

If quality and price are important to you, then I ask you to think “outside the Kit” and order the logs and log materials needed for your log home, direct, WHOLESALE. All our logs are precisely milled. All kiln dried logs and kiln dried materials are covered in lumber wraps to keep products dry and clean. All log orders are milled to specific order.


We only provide high quality logs and materials for any size log home or building. Estimates from your plans are free.

4. Are kits easier or more economical to construct?

No! You or the building contractor you choose will know exactly how and when to order your building materials locally without any problem or inflated costs.

5. What problems can occur from having the whole kit delivered at once?

A licensed building contractor building a frame home would never have all the windows, doors, roofing, and other materials delivered on the first day. Why should you? In addition, why should you pay more than necessary for these materials? Kits are an overpriced collection of store bought building products.

Buyers of kits take delivery of the entire package on day one. That means all the building materials for the project arrive at once, posing huge storage problems and logistical nightmares. Many are unprepared and ill equipped to deal with this. Perhaps a more timed and spaced delivery of items to be used in the project is a more prudent and a more cost effective measure.

6. What is included in a Wholesale Log Homes package?

Quality wall logs, timbers, T&G paneling, log sidings, foam sealant, heavy duty screws, polyurethane caulk. Check our price list and see exactly what we offer. Buy what you want from us and buy the rest locally. Some folks just buy logs, some want matching siding, some want corners notched. Some want timbers for the roof, etc. We have engineered timber tables to assist you for the right size timber for the right use. Timbers are not “one size fits all”.

We offer dovetail corners, saddle notch corners and mortise and tenon corners. Thousands of homes have been built with a simple butt and pass corner with great strength and no added corner costs.

We provide an instructional “field sheet” with each order that illustrates and addresses many questions.

Here, you have control and flexibility of how you want YOUR home to be.

References are available.

7. Do you export your products? YES.Wholesale logs in truck container for export

Logs and supplies are available for export. We can handle it all for you. We have customers world-wide and can make all the necessary shipping arrangements for you. We load the container and take care of all customs clearance. Service is our business.

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