What Roof System Should You Choose for Your Log Home?

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What Roof System Should You Choose for Your Log Home?

Choosing the roofing system for your log home is no trivial matter. Not only is a roof very important from a structural standpoint, the appearance and style of your ceiling go a long way towards creating the overall experience and feel of your home’s interior. The options can be pretty confusing for a first-timer and there are a variety of things that might play into the decision. Generally, though, the decision comes down to two main factors – appearance and price. Here we will try to describe a few of your options with regards to those two factors and hopefully give you a better understanding of what you may want to consider.

100_0216Pre-Fabricated Trusses

Price: Least expensive

Appearance: Pre-fabricated trusses are usually used to keep costs down. They offer a much plainer visual experience than other options, yet can be finished nicely with T&G paneling or sheetrock depending on the look you’re after and cost. Flat trusses result in a ceiling that is flat, missing out on the vaulted look that most log home owners prefer. Scissors trusses, however, offer a vaulted ceiling at an affordable cost. Unlike the other choices listed below, in roofs that use pre-fabricated trusses no structural elements of the roof are exposed. Decorative beams and skylights can be added for aesthetic purposes. This is a very affordable option with many possibilities.

Log Cabin 081Conventional Framing

Price: Middle of the road

Appearance: Conventionally stick framed roofs for vaulted ceilings and a mix of flat ceilings offer a blend of both worlds for looks and cost. The appearance is there for the high vaulted ceilings with less labor and initial material cost of timbers, decking and foam panel insulation. Stick framed roof systems can put you in the dry faster for less money. They can have skylights, be finished with T&G in the great room areas and perhaps sheet rock in the bedroom areas for cost savings. Either high R batt insulation or spray foam insulation can be used in frame construction depending on the budget. This is the best of both worlds. Add a few accent timbers, skylights for appearance and good looks and you’ve found some great savings. There are many cost saving benefits to framing.

IMG_0360Heavy Timber Rafters

Price: Most expensive

Appearance: Using heavy timber rafters allows your log home to achieve the classic cathedral ceiling with exposed structural elements so often desired by log home owners. This roof type is beautiful and requires more labor, material cost, and higher insulation cost. Indeed, this is a stunning work of art when completed.

Only you can decide what roofing system is best for your specific situation. Hopefully the information contained here will help you weigh the options and make the right choice for your log home. Be sure to take time to do your research and understand your budget. If you have any questions about the process of choosing a roof system for your log home, all you have to do is contact us.

  • bonnie williams

    I’m hoping to retire in oregon.not sure if I want to build underground, or not. Your cabins look like a good alternative. Thank you, please let me know if you have any distributors in oregon.

    September 18, 2014 at 12:38 am
    • Hi Bonnie. All sales are direct from NC. We’ve delivered to OR and would be happy to assist you with whatever type of log and timber home you’d like to build.
      Happy to be of service, Ron

      August 23, 2015 at 10:01 am

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