Ten Quirky Wood Cabins That Will Have You Yearning for a Getaway

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Ten Quirky Wood Cabins That Will Have You Yearning for a Getaway

  1. Old Norse castle design is more than evident in this summer cottage in southern Sweden.

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  2. On the other end of the spectrum, this eco-friendly cabin in British Colombia employs a modernist look.

  3. This home was built in a tree to provide the clearest view of the Catskill Mountains in New York.

  4. This French cottage is quirky indeed! It uses some rather unconventional techniques and styles, and looks like something from a fantasy novel.

  5. Complete with swings hanging under its gigantic wraparound deck, this elevated cabin in Tennessee could easily double as a small event space.

    A photo posted by Nathan Janson (@nhjanson) on

  6. This getaway in California features some very nice work with less-processed wood.

  7. Hidden away in Pennsylvania’s Allegheny Mountains, this cabin utilizes lots of full size windows to give 360 degree views of the surrounding forest.

  8. Here’s another cabin that looks like it might be inhabited by a family of elves.

  9. The last tree house on this list comes to us from Washington state. Even the bridge is made of wood!

  10. The quirkiest thing about this cabin is its location directly in the shallow water of this alpine lake.

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