Log Homes – Too Much Log?

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Log Homes – Too Much Log?

Does everything need to be log?

One of the (few) complaints one hears about log homes is that there is just too much wood. This reference is about the interior of many log homes and it can be a justifiable criticism.  When this is a valid complaint it usually results from a poor design or lack of imagination on the part of the home owner.

By “poor design” I am referring to the original floor plan choice. Skimping on the number of windows or not choosing large enough windows will always result in dark rooms and that “too much wood” feeling.  There is nothing like natural light to change the entire look and feel of a room.

Imagination (or lack thereof) becomes part of the equation when we choose to let interior room logs dictate design. In other words, just because a wall is made from stacked logs does not mean that we have to look at logs on every wall and in every room of our home.

Log Homes With Fewer Logs

One great example is this home built by a customer of ours, Woodland Custom Homes. This bathroom looks like it could fit in any stick-built home, condo or apartment, yet it is a tastefully decorated full bath in a custom log home.

Log Home Bathroom

No Log Limits!

If you are in the “dreaming stage” of planning your log home, researching log home floor plans or want to renovate your current home, think outside of the log box. A room with rock work, tile or sheetrock can do wonders for your overall design. Just because it is a log home does not mean that every square inch needs to be log.

Once again, this is a reason to build your home using our recommended plan. Buy your logs from Wholesale Log Homes and obtain your other building materials locally. Your doors, windows, roofing materials, bathroom fixtures, etc. can all be bought locally and usually at a substantial savings from buying a “kit home”. When it comes time to choose the materials for your bath, kitchen or other rooms, talk to local building suppliers and get their ideas. When you buy your logs wholesale, you’ll save thousands!

Oh yeah, don’t forget…add some more windows.

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