Porches Help Protect Your Log Cabin Investment

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Porches Help Protect Your Log Cabin Investment

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– Protect your Log Cabin, Invest in a porch –

There are many reasons why you should think about adding a porch to your timber frame home. One of the key reasons for adding a porch to your log cabin or timber frame home is for the protection it affords from the damaging elements of the weather. Good ‘ol sol’ is a friend to sun worshippers, but no friend to your log cabin! He will stress your trim, hardware, doors and windows and age all of these quickly. The same is true of wind and rain. Your porch acts as a guard against the sun and protects whatever side of your log home it happens to be attached to. Putting it on the south side results in the greatest benefits to your home, and, in fact, may even provide energy bill savings.

Further, there is no arguing with the fact that porches are attractive. They change the way your log home presents itself to visitors and potential buyers, adding a critical 3-D dimension which can dramatically change and improve your timber frame home’s architecture. This improved curb appeal can positively impact the real estate value of your property and will definitely deserve space in any listing details – as any real estate agent will confirm.

In the end though, you may not be concerned about your cabin’s appraisal value, but instead, may just want to enjoy the attractiveness of your porch as well as the extra living space it affords. This is especially true during periods of inclement weather when your porch still gives you the option of enjoying the outdoors from the outdoors. To make your porch addition complete, complement it with appropriate outdoor furnishings. Doing this can effectively increase your living space while at the same time providing a wonderful spot to relax and enjoy the scenery.

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