Ten Tips to Save Money on Your Log Home Construction

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Ten Tips to Save Money on Your Log Home Construction

Some of the most frequent questions we see all involve some aspect of the same topic: How can we
keep our costs down and get the most out of our dollars? The variables that go into a building project are countless and very specific to the exact situation. However, with some smart strategy and outside the box thinking, you can save yourself a lot of money with just a little bit of effort. Here are our top ten ideas for saving money on your log home construction project:

  1. Hand Me Up stores (like Habitat for Humanity) often have excellent materials for sale.
    Merchandise changes regularly, so check back often and have good dry storage for your “finds”.
  2. Sometimes lumber yards have orders of windows and doors that customers have changed their minds on after products were delivered – these can be great values and brands. Keep checking, as you never know what is there from windows to appliances to HVAC units.
  3. Sometimes block and brick yards have overruns on a certain color they need to move. If the foundation is going to be waterproofed, backfilled and have a wrap around porch, does the color of brick really matter? Does the texture of the block really matter? If the answer is no, then you have found an opportunity to save.
  4. Scratched appliances work like new they just have a scratch or small dent. Does an extra scratch of dent in the laundry room if you can save hundreds of dollars?
  5. Think about going after a so-called problem lot – be it a narrow shape, on a hill, or even an in-fill property. These will usually not be as desirable and in-demand as other lots, so you may be able to save a heap of cash if you can find the right situation. With a good plan and a good builder, you may be able to keep more of your money in your pocket.
  6. Find and salvage materials from demolition sites. With any luck, you might find a wooden door, decorative elements, or still useful building materials. Be sure to check with the site owner, but materials can often be found for free if you are simply willing to haul them away.
  7. Want tile or hardwood floor, but it’s just not in the budget? Consider vinyl flooring – when the time is right you can lay tile or wood directly on top of it.
  8. Choose a stock plan over custom-drawn plans. The savings in total cost are great and you can probably customize the stock plan to get exactly what you want. Custom designs cost more in design time, materials and labor. There are many places where you can find stock plans Many errors have been eliminated in these designs, which makes them go up smoothly, saving you time and money.
  9. Avoid change orders. Make sure to hammer out the details of your plan the first time through, as late or last minute changes can quickly add up.
  10. We’ve saved perhaps the most obvious tip for last – reduce your square footage. Combine spaces where you can; do you need a dining room AND a breakfast nook AND a kitchen island surrounded by chairs? Or a dining room AND a reading room? Thinking about and carefully cutting redundant or unnecessary spaces can save you quite a bit.

If you want to learn more about building your log home, contact Ron Wolfe – he’ll treat you right and guide you in the right direction.

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