The Wholesale Log Homes Difference

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The Wholesale Log Homes Difference

A lot of people ask what makes Wholesale Logs Homes different? Why should you work with us instead of one of the many log home kit companies that are out there? Well, we believe there are a lot of reasons…

The People

Our founder and President, Ron Wolfe, has been building log homes for over 42 years. Since 1972, he has been continuously building his knowledge of the log home building process. This includes actual construction as a Licensed General Contractor in North Carolina. As our customer, you will receive excellent service as we assist you in planning your log home or cabin project. Communication with Ron is prompt and personal. We pride ourselves on educating our customers on the entire process of purchasing high quality building materials and the log home building process. Call anytime with questions regarding your materials or construction.

The Process

Unfortunately, many people are under the assumption that to build the log home of their dreams they must do everything through a kit company that takes control of everything. At Wholesale Log Homes, we believe things should be done a little differently.

Many aspects of the Wholesale Log Homes difference can be summed up by the things kit companies do that we DON’T do:

  • We DON’T sell over-priced packages that you don’t need. Anything a kit seller does you can do yourself for less money.
  • We DON’T use dealers or middlemen. We produce our own logs. By buying direct you save money.
  • We DON’T sacrifice quality for price. We sell only high quality graded logs and log materials.
  • We DON’T artificially inflate prices to set up phony sales or discounts. No gimmicks, no razzle-dazzle, no games. Our wholesale prices are honest and completely transparent.

Bring us a floor plan and we will provide you a log product estimate 100% free of charge.

Many of your materials are better sourced locally. Not only do you eliminate costly shipping charges and gain freedom of brand choice, you are also able to plan when things like windows, doors, and roofing get delivered. A licensed building contractor building a frame home would never have all the windows, doors, roofing, and other materials delivered on the first day. With a log kit, often everything is delivered at once. That means all the materials for the project arrive at once, posing huge storage problems and logistical nightmares, and running the risk of losing or damaging materials. If you work with Wholesale Log Homes, you or the building contractor you choose will know exactly how and when to order your building materials locally without any problem or inflated costs.

When you take away everything that should be bought locally, you are left with logs and wood products. That is where we come in.

We offer quality wall logs, timbers, T&G paneling, log sidings, foam sealant, heavy duty screws, polyurethane caulk, and more, all at a wholesale price. Check our price list and see exactly what we offer. Some folks just buy logs, some want matching siding, some want corners notched, some want timbers. We are not “one size fits all”. Buy what you want from us and buy the rest locally.

Build your home the right way. Build your home the smart way. Build your home the Wholesale Log Homes way.

Bottom line, buying wholesale priced logs directly from us will give YOU all the control and save YOU money.

The Savings

There’s really no way around it:

Log home kits companies don’t have a special product. They just want to make themselves richer at your expense.

When you buy a kit you are really just buying an overpriced collection of store bought building products at a huge markup. Why should you pay more than necessary for your materials and give up the option of choosing exactly what you want in your home instead of what some kit supplier wants to give you.

Are quality and price important to you? If so, then you should try to think “outside the Kit”. You can easily locate the same or better materials for a much better value and avoid the logistical problems presented by kits in the process.

Don’t forget, there is nothing a kit seller can do that you can’t do yourself for less money! Buy it yourself and save.

The Results

While we have lots of great comments from past customers that you can read on our Testimonials Page, this one by Robin from Tyner, Kentucky really sums up the Wholesale Log Homes experience:

“The logs arrived in perfect condition. My builder was impressed, having dealt with log packages in the past, he definitely preferred being able to cut the logs to fit. We were able to make a few floor plan changes for the better during construction because the logs could fit anywhere. The builder was also impressed with the quality of the logs and dove tails. All my layers are air tight and we haven’t seen any shrinking in our kiln dried logs. The tongue-N-groove was top quality and went together smoothly with little waste. I saved $70,000 compared to the package I had been considering, and came out with better logs, larger beams, and better windows and doors.

Ron at Wholesale Log Homes was great to deal with and very knowledgeable and helpful. I have absolutely no complaints. I will use Wholesale Log Homes again in future construction.”

Our customers never walk away disappointed. They end up with beautiful, well-built log homes that they can enjoy for years to come.


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