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History of the Log Cabin in America

[caption id="attachment_1786" align="alignright" width="288"] A restored log cabin in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.[/caption] Ancient Beginnings The exact time and place of the origin of log construction is most likely lost forever. It is generally assumed to have begun in the Bronze Age (c. 3,500 BCE) somewhere in Northern...

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Log Corner Options

Many folks ask which corner is best. They all are - it's a matter of choice. We offer 4 types of corners that ALL make a strong, well connected and built home. The Dovetail Corner is appealing on 6 x 12 logs yet we offer them...

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Creative Log Home Designs

Plans tailored to your needs are vital. Working with a designer or architect may be a solid solution to coordinate all your ideas and to utilize space to the highest and best use. Many folks are adding reused materials from salvage yards or materials they have been...

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